Artist Raymond Sheppard: The Tarn, France c.1944

Artist Raymond Sheppard (1913 - 1958): The Tarn, France c.1944


Raymond Sheppard (1913 - 1958):
The Tarn, France c.1944
Mounted (ref: 2094)
Ink and wash on paper, 10 x 13 7/8 in. (25.5 x 35.5 cm.)

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Litterature: Raymond Sheppard, Master Illustrator, Liss Fine Art, November 2010, Cat.57; Illustrators Magazine issue two, p 65

During the war period Sheppard sketched whilst off duty in Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire (where he was based during RAF training) and later in the Cevennes, and the la Marne area, where he was stationed as part of the RAF Photographic Reconnais-sance Wing during 1945

 Sheppard always carried a sketchbook.  The subject matter reflected wherever he happened to be: first and foremost around his locality in North West London – Bushey, Stanmore, Barnet, - and, especially after the purchase of his first car, (a Hill-man Minx) in 1954, sometimes further afield: Hertfordshire, Dunstable Downs and the Whipsnade area.“We often went out into the countryside, usually towards Hertford-shire as we lived in North West London.  My father always carried a sketch book, and some days in the summer he would sit and paint whilst we children played or went for a walk with our mother.” As a founder member of the Wapping Group, just before the war,  and in the decade which followed it, he painted numerous scenes along the river Thames in the East End of London.