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Francis Littna (1903–1973)

Francis Littna was born in Prague in 1903 and was educated at the University of Prague. His studies included law, economics, painting and music. He graduated in both Czech and German language. In 1921-23 he studied at the music academy in Prague, but changing direction again, he qualified as a Doctor of Law in 1928, which profession he practised in Prague until 1939.Just before the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939, Littna escaped to England via Sweden. His knowledge and experience of law was utilized by the Czech government in exile, located in London for the war's duration.Littna became a British subject after the war and embarked on further formal art training. He attended courses at Camberwell School of Art and subsequently enrolled at Goldsmiths College where his teachers included Graham Sutherland.Littna had a career in teaching art that ran parallel to his career as an artist. He taught painting and art history at Morley