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Arthur Kemp (1906-1968)

The following biography was written by Jeremy Kemp, the artist's adoptive son:The earliest recollections I have of my Father was more to do with his music than any of his other artistic accomplishments. This is more than likely to be because music fills the home with its audible presence,especially when my Dad played and taught the ‘celo along with my Mother who played and taught the violin and viola.They were also one half of the KERA Quartet,a widely known string quartet and also played with some of the leading orchestras of the day. Dad had played with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra(CBSO) and Mother,under her maiden name of Irene Crowther,played with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the London Symphony Orchestra.Mother was incidentally,of her time, the youngest to gain her LRAM. So music had a large part to play in my childhood memories as our homes in both the midlands and north Wales were in part ,practice st


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