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Edward Julius Detmold (1883-1957)

Putney born watercolourist, illustrator and printmaker specialising in natural history subjects and the creation of his own fantastic worlds. Like his twin brother Charles Maurice Detmold he was educated privately and studied animals at London zoo, working closely with his brother until he committed suicide in 1908. This was brought about by the inhalation of chloroform, in a fit of remorse after chloroforming the family cats on the instructions of his uncle. Edward Julius settled in Montgomeryshire, by which time he had established a reputation as a book illustrator, working with great precision. Something of child prodigies the brothers both showed at the RA aged 13 in 1896 and for a few months in 1905 the brothers were associates of the RE, but resigned. Edward Julius was a prolific exhibitor at the Fine Art Society, Brook Street Art Gallery, the Arlington Gallery and Baillie Gallery, NEAC, RA, RI and elsewhere. Like his brother near