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Elisabeth Jean Frink (1930-1993)

Sculptor and printmaker born at Thurlow, Suffolk. She studied at Guildford School of Art and Chelsea School of Art and first captured the public's attention in 1951 at an exhibition at the Beaux Arts Gallery, London. Since then exhibited regularly and was for twenty-seven years associated with the Waddington Gallery in London and Toronto, Canada. Her main subjects were man, dog and horse. The appeal of her work lies in its directness, the expurgation of all artiness in a frank statement of feeling. Often the anatomy is exaggerated or incorrect, the life-likeness grows more out of her interest in the spirit of the subject: the urgency animating Running Man, the alertness in Barking Dog. During the Algerian war, she began making heads, blinded by goggles and which have a threatening facelessness.  Her numerous public commissions include Wild Boar for Harlow New Town, Blind Beggar and Dog for Bethnal Green, a lectern for Coventry