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Maurice Radiguet (1866-1941)

After doing commercial studies, Maurice Radiguet began to work as a humorous and satirical illustrator. He debuted in La Journée in 1885, and contributed to L'Eclipse, La Caricature, Le Rire, Le Charivari, Rabelais and L'Assiette au Beurre during the following two decades. He also worked as a parliamentary draughtsman, and illustrated books by Alphonse Allais.He made comics under the pseudonym Rad, starting in L'Epatant with 'Duronflar veut se Marier' in 1912. He was also present in La Jeunesse Illustrée, Pierrot and Guignol, as well as in La Semaine Vermot with 'Les Malheurs de Sophie' in 1927. The Belgian publisher Gordinne published his album 'John Cricky veut gagner la vie' in 1937.